Difference Between Water cooling Spindle and Air Cooling Spindle

It is frequently asked that which is better between water cooling and air cool spindle? Differences are listed out here for reference.

1. Water cooling spindle adopts water cirulation method to coolen down the heat generated by the high speed rotation. Relatively speaking, the cooling performance is better than air cooling method. The temperature will not be more than 40℃. If equipped with industrial water chiller, the temperature will be much lower than 40℃. But the water cooling spindle need more maintaince espcially in winter, the water need to be completely drained off after work. Otherwise the water inside the spindle will get frozen and broken down the spindle. The air cooling spindle is suggested to use in a cool and comfortable climate countries and areas.

2.The air cooling spindle will be much more noisy due to the air vibration caused by the spindle air fan.

3.The air cooling spindle has a relatively longer working life than the air coolin spindle.

4.China-made water cooling spindles has much higher precision than the china-made air cooling spindle. The raxial and radial run out of water cooling spindle is less than 0.003mm.