Metal & Non Metal Laser Cutting Machine

UG-1390ML-2 Economic Double Heads Metal and Non-Metal Co2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

1300*900mm working area, each laser head working area: 1150*900mm

Laser head A1:Silver color, for metal & non-metal cutting, can’t do auto follow-up foruneven metalmaterials

Laser head A2:normal non-metal Co2 laser head

2 laser headscan work at same time or just open head

2 laser heads can work on same file at same time, one is formetal, the other is fornon-metal

Leetro MPC6585 control system Laser Cut 6.1 software

Double working table

Auto lifting table

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UG-1325ML Double Ball Screw Transmission Metal & Non Metal Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

Metal and non-metal Co2 laser engraving cutting machine
1300*250mm working area 
Ruida control system
Auto motion laser head for uneven metal materials

Reci S6 co2 laser tube, rated power 130W, maximum power 160W

Ball screw transmission for XYZ-axis, double ball screw for Y-axis

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