How to Solve the Weak Adsorption Performance of Vacuum Table?


When runing the wood cnc router. We may face the problem that the weak adsorption ability of the Vacumm table----the board or sheet cant be adsrobed. Whats the causes? How to slove this? Here are the solutions for you:

1.Check the wire connection of vacuum pump and the input voltage.

2.Make sure the motor rotate direction is correct. Otherwise interchange any two of the power wire.

3.If there is air leak place on the table or tubes.

4.Please make sure water is filled enough. If the motor get stucked due to rusty? Manually rotate the motor to see.

5.Cleaning the inner filter net to enable water Fluency.

The board/sheet can be adsorbed by the vaccum table stably which ensures no shifting. Compared with T-slot clamping method, the vacumm table makes Maximum materials and time savings.


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