How to Choose Suitable Chiller for Co2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine?


When the user choose chiller, should think about below factors:

1.Laser tube power and laser engraving cutting machine application

If the laser tube temperature is too high, will have unrecoverable damage, and weaken laser power.
Long time working with high temperature, will also shorten the laser tube life time, if laser tube power and radiant power is big, so need to choose a big chiller.

2.Laser engraving cutting machine’s working environment.

Usually the chiller has the low temperature protection function, when the water temperature less than 10℃, will stop cooling working. So need to think about the high temperature working to choose a big chiller.

3.Laser engraving cutting technology requirement for the cooling water temperature.
The bigger chiller’s temperature fluctuation is low for same status cooling, good for laser stable outputing.


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