CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Brings Huge Benefit to Shipbuilding Industry


Plasma Cutting Machine advantage is that fast cutting speed, narrow kerf, smooth notch, small heat affected zone, low worpiece deformation, easy to operate, and has obvious energy saving effect. It has wide application in all kinds of industry, such as machinery, metal construction’s machining, installation and manintenance, middle thickness & thin plate cutting off, drilling, pathching, chamfering, etc. Because plasma cutting machine needs to work with gas, and with CNC control, so it also called air plasma cutting machine or CNC plasma cutting machine.

Because CNC plasma cutting machine has the features of high speed cutting, stable quality and low cost, so it is widely used in shipbuilding industry.

One set CNC plasma cutting machine production ability is 3 or 5 times of flame cutting machine, that reduce the machine cover space, improving utilization of workshop. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine also has features of high cutting precision, small heat deformation, no slag on notch, no need artificial buffing, obvious comprehensive economic profit!
With CNC plasma cutting machine, people can cut complicated stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, cooper, composite materials faster than flame cutting machine, better than other cutting method.


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