Installation Precautions for CNC Router Engraving Machine


1.Installation shall not be carried under the thunder and lightning. Don`t set the power socket in or around the moist place or area. Don`t touch the bare wire without insulation protection
2. Machine Operator has to be trained strictly before operate the machine. Person and Equipment safety has to be more focused.
3. Stabilizer is needed if the voltage is instable or there is high-power equipment nearby.
4. Ground wire connection have to be made. It is not allowed to connect or disconnect signal cable with power connected.
5. Please wear glove, eyeshield and earplug when operating the machine.
6. Please tight the screws properly but do not too much in case screws slipped.
7. Please clamp the cnc tools with fully tightness and replace the blunt tools timely. Overloading to the spindle and poor working performance can caused due to blunt tools.
8. Keep your fingers far away from the working area.
9. Ensure the works within the machine working size. Disconnect the power after work.


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