Caused for Laser Beam Output Failure


Laser beam output failure during operation:

1. Water chiller alarming or not?

A.If it is still alarming, the water chiller is failed. If the alarming disappeared, it means the water circulation of the laser tube is with problem. Please check the water tube to see if it is bent or pinned and also make sure the water is clening and pured.

B.if water chillear is not alarming. Please check the fans of the laser power supply. If the fans is rotating, plese use a cable to make a short circuit between pin 2 and pin3 on the laser power supply. If the laser beam ouput sucessful with the short cirulit then it indicates that the laser power supply works well. Otherwise, the laser power supply broken down.

If the laser power supply works well, then the wire connections tightness to the controller and the motion card has to be checked. To give tight connection or to replace a new control card probably required. And the laser tube also has the possibilyt to be broken.

If the fans of the laser power supply is not rotating, please check the input power to the laser power supply with a mulimeter. If power input is good, the laser power supply mostly got broken. If there is no power, the power wire connections to the laser power supply has to be checked well.


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