Daily Maintenance of Laser Machine

1.Switch On/Off the machine strcitly according to the correct sequence. Ps: Pre-heating the Laser Power Source at least 5 minutes before working.

2. Monitoring the water temperature. Optimum working water temperature is 25 to 30℃. Highest temperatures should be less than 30℃. Water should be changed immediately if temperature is high. The way to change water is to discharge some of warm water and inject cool water.

3. Water Pump (specially the filter), Water tank and water tubes should be cleaned up every other month as well as other Peripheral device such as Air Fan and Air Pump.

4. Periodically check and test the ground connection in order to ensure it works normally.

5. Check and test the water protection switch monthly to make sure it works normally.

6. Check if the lens is cleaning before Running machine. Please clean the lens timely If it is polluted with dust&Dirt. Please hand with care while cleaning in order to keep the right beam path. “If Polluted, Cleaning instantly” should be follow to Maintain the lens and mirror. Dedicated lens/mirror cleaner have to be used for cleaning.

7. Please Test if all the limit switch works normally before running machine in order to avoid the collision while working. Please adjust the focus lens and tight it before working in order to ensure the processing effect.

8.Cleaning machine at the end of each day. The machine bed should be cleaned up. Clean the oil dust and dirt on the Guide Rails and its base. Lubricate the Guide Rail and block next day before Running machine