Factors effects of CNC Plasma Machine Cutting Precision

CNC plasma cutting machine is a kind of advanced equipment for metal sheet cutting, has a wide application in the shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing industry,. There are many influencing factors for cutting quality, except for set parameters, also has the relationship with operation control, and cutting technology, also different power plasma power supply, the cutting thickness is different. As a thermal cutting tool, CNC plasma cutting machine is good at cutting effect and cutting precision, but at present, seldom operator can get high quality cutting, so how can guarantee the high quality cutting precision? We have summarized several factors as below:

1.Plasma power supply must have enough high floating voltage, then can striking the arc optionally and let arc always not extinguished.

2. Floating voltage and arc-stream voltage

Increasing the air flow can not only improve the arc-stream voltage, but also strengthening arc-stream then let plasma arc energy more focused, stronger radioactivity, then improving cutting speed and quality.

3. Cutting speed

7.The best cutting speed can depends on the cutting machine manual or testing result, due to different material, different thickness, melting point, thermal conductivity and surface tension after melting,etc, cutting speed will also different.

4. Gas flow

Gas flow excessive or too small will influence the cutting quality and life time of consumable cutting items. If cutting flow is too big, will short arc stream, heat loss too large, then weaken cutting ability or can’t normal working. If cutting flow is too small, not enough arc stream, weaken cutting ability, increasing the steel plate slag, and blocking consumable items, and influence consumable items quality.

5, Cutting electric current

Cutting electric current should adjusted according to actual fact. Increasing cutting current, increasing arc energy, cutting speed will enlarge also. Increasing cutting current, increasing the arc diameter, more thick arc widen notching. Too big current will increase the thermal load of nozzle, damage the nozzle prematurely, cutting quality will down, even can’t do normal cutting.

6. Torch height controller precision and stability

Torch height controller precision and stability has big influence for cutting quality.