Safe Operation for CNC Wood Router

1.Do not adjust or maintain during the machine running.

2.Don’t wear gloves, because during CNC wood router running, the spindle rotate speed is very fast, so if happened to touch the tool bits, that is very easily to carry the gloves away, then damage the hand.

3. Although CNC wood router is full automatic equipment in the operation,but the materials loading and unloading is still belong to manual work, so when feeding the materials, please carefully, avoiding the tools bits hurts hands.

4. The CNC wood router spindle’s rotated speed is very high, and the processed wood is rough, big noise during working, big vibration, the worker labor intensity is high, to easy to tired, such object cause is also easy to cause mechanical accident.

5. The most important is that the customer is not familiar with the cnc wood router's performance and safe operation, or to make things easier, don’t follow the safe operation rules, finally caused accident.

6. Don’t repair the electrical parts in the control cabinet, some has the high voltage, please consult the electrical engineer or manufacturer.