Leather Hollow Out Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

The leather is mainly used for shoe surface engraving, handbag, leather gloves, luggage, etc.

The craftsmanship are spiling, surface lining, or cutting patterns.

The technological requirements: surface lining without yellowing, engraving the leather’s bottom color, cutting the edge no blacking, more clear engraving.

The materials has synthetic leather, PU leather, PVC artificial leather, leather wollens, semi-finished products, and all kinds of leather fabric materials.

Engraving speed of leather laser engraving cutting machine, that depends on the pattern size., for small pattern’s lining, the speed should be slow, about 0.8 m/minutes, cutting speed for big size pattern is about 1.5-3m/minutes, laser power is around 75%. For the dermic leather, speed is slower, around 0.4-1.2m/minute, laser power is around 60%-75%, the cutting edge of dermic leather is easy to blacking, but after laser cutting, the cutting edge will get into oxide coating, that is hard to get no blacking edge, so need to do further processing, such as cleaning the black edge with plasticine. But until now, there are no solution for peculiar smell after cutting.

For nitrogen cutting, there are no oxygen oxide, cutting effect is better, but need to use high pressure nitrogen, speed is low and cost is high.

Different leather, need to choose different cutting method, for example, artificial leather, can first soaking, then engraving, the effect will be better. Cutting dermic leather, the surface can paste masking tape, avoiding the surface yellowing, for blacking edge should do special processing.