3D Scanner for CNC Wood Engraving Machine

The basic principles of the3D scanner Using structured light technique,phase measurement techniques,computer vision technology 3Dnon-contact measurement techniques .Using this 3Dmeasurement technology to Photographic measurements of objects was possible,the so-called photographic measurement,Is similar to the camera to take pictures of the object field of view, different is the cameras hot is two-dimensional images of objects, and the development of the measuring instrument 3D object is obtained digital information.With the traditional 3D scanner The difference is that Chinese long continuous measurement of 3D scanner to a 3Dsurface, the measured When the amount of raster(spot) several pieces of equipment projected light specific coding structure(Point) to the test object,into a certain angle of two (or more)photo Mined as the first synchronization corresponding image ,and then phase and decoding of image Calculated,and the use of matching techniques ,triangulation principle,calculate the two solutions One (or more)industrial camera field of view of public surface of the three pixels Dimensional coordinates.

Connect UPGOAL 3D scanner with cnc wood engraving machine, can fast, high fidelity let finished carved wood into three-dimensional digital product, then let cnc router processing directly, at most several hours can finish, most suitable for copay and batch producing of antique furniture, European furniture accessories, and large wood engraving crafts.

UGGOAL 3D scanner system and hardware is customized according to cnc wood engraving machine features, can do easily for deep engraving, antiquing, European style, figure of Buddha, etc. And, also optimized for redwood furniture and olive nut no photographic developer, solved problem for dark color needs painting problem, less loss of scanning corner angle, also supporting 64bits windows 7 operating system, fast processing speed.