How to Choose Computerized CNC Wood Carving Machine or Offline Controlled CNC Wood Carving Machine?

We UPGOAL produced all kinds of CNC wood carving machine, can do carving for for wood door , cabinet, screen, artware, etc, but different configurations, different price, the suitable suitable is best for you. Today let us talk about two kinds of control system of CNC wood carving machine.

Although CNC wood carving machine is a kind of completely automatic machining equipment, but needs the related control to finish processing. We know that, there are two kinds of control system for CNC wood carving machine, one is computer control system--PCI NcStudio control system, the other is DSP offline control system, this two control system has both advantage and disadvantage, the buyer can choose most suitable control system according to processing method & processing technic.

Computer control system advantage is that can preview the processing effect, see the processing path at any time, if has error on loading program, can modify timely, the disadvantage is that you need to prepare a desktop compute, then increases the cost.

The DSP offline control system advantage is that no need computer, disadvantage is that the operation is a little complicated, because all the function is on one control panel, if not unskilled operation is easy to press wrong button.

So this two kinds of control system, the buyer need to choose the suitable one according to the situation. For more information, pls continuing focused on our website: