CNC Flame Cutting Machine

CNC flame cutting machine has the powerful cutting ability for thickness carbon steel, also the cutting cost is low, but the cutting is easy to be deformation, cutting precision is low, cutting speed is low and long time for preheating and punching, more difficult to adapt for fully automatic operation. Its application is just for carbon steel and thickness metal plate cutting, for middle & thin thickness plate cutting, it is be replaced by CNC plasma cutting machine.

Usually needs oxygen and fuel gas for CNC flame cutting machine, there are three kinds of available gas: coal gas, propane and acetylene. The coal gas’s heating value is lest, second is propane, the most is acetylene. The bigger heating value, the faster cutting speed, the faster burning speed, the better cutting speed.

CNC flame cutting machine is just suitable for easy oxidize metal, the high carbon content metal is difficult to cut. CNC flame cutting machine usually is used for more than 6mm carbon steel cutting, for less than 6mm metal plate, it can also cut, but because the plate is thin, because the flame cutting method is the use of high-temperature flame to a point on the surface of the steel plate heated to the ignition point, and filled with high pressure oxygen, so that the formation of incision combustion cutting method.