Wood Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Wood laser engraving cutting is mainly used in the die-boards cutting,wood plate puzzle, wood veneer parqueting, hanger engraving, wooden photo frame,etc.

Wood plate material has plywood, solid wood, MDF, and the most cutting is plywood case, usually 3mm,5mm,7mm plywood all can cut, normally, for 3mm plywood cutting, using 1.2m/minute speed can cut off, some solid wood can cut until 10mm. For 6mm die-board cutting, had better use 63.5mm FL lens, speed is 0.2-0.4m/min, power is 75-80%, with the big power air pump or air compressor, the effect will be much better. Wood puzzle thickness usually is less than 3mm, speed is about 0.5-2.1m/min. Wood veneer parqueting usually chose double focus lens, or choose the RF laser tube, because the RF laser facula is more fine, wee knerf. For hanger engraving, had better choose small working area laser engraving machine, setting suitable speed according to pattern size & effect, some customer wants more black effect, then need to choose out of focus engraving, and air pump power influences the burning effect.