Why Plasma Cutting Machine Got the Wrong Cutting Size?

1. Programming software errors. Sometimes we maybe accidentally made some mistakes in operation, such as some numbers do accidentally press the wrong, and then there is no correction function, it will produce some size of the NC code appears Problem, there are many large line error, the introduction of the introduction and the introduction of the existence of the phenomenon of dislocation, will also result in the entire board nesting workpiece spacing deviation.
2. The accuracy of plasma cutting machine. The main precision of the machine is to rely on parallelism and level of control, the level of the cutting platform also affects the accuracy of the workpiece. General point precision by the numerical control system and motion control card, etc., especially the pulse, it will cause the cutting circle when not round, and then the size of large parts with the standard does not match the status quo.
3. The cutting nozzle quality. We still have to pay attention to, the general quality of the nozzle will affect the quality of the workpiece surface and cut the side of the flatness, cutting degree must be consistent with the cutting platform , Otherwise it will affect the size of its unequal size of the phenomenon.
4. if the deformation of parts during cutting. It will also produce the size of the problem of unequal size of the program, the use of a reasonable lead position and cutting direction can reduce the deformation, we can add some cooling device can be fixed its model, so that It is possible to prevent the deformation thereof. The stress in the material will be relieved with the removal of the material, the local internal stress release, redistribution, will lead to plate displacement and deformation.
5. Sometimes CNC plasma cutting machine will be back and forth to run their own during cutting, then the regular run through the simulation to check whether the program is a problem, if the program is no problem to check the system software (including the built-in card software) , Loose data lines and servo control system caused by poor contact, servo feedback signal loss so when we all in operation if the size of the problem, we can do in this regard under consideration.
6. Or gas flow increases or decreases, will also affect, so if once the gas flow is too large, it will shorten the arc column, the loss of heat increases, so that cutting capacity weakened, resulting in size above the mistakes.
7. Appropriate distance of the electrode shrinkage can make the arc in the mouth to get a good compression, energy concentration, high temperature plasma arc and effective cutting. The distance is too large or too small, will cause serious electrode burn, cut mouth burn and cut capacity, general shrinkage can not exceed 8-11mm.

in fact, affect the cutting size of CNC cutting machine has a variety of reasons, so when we operate, try to do the standard size is the best, because not only will not waste time and will not waste more raw materials.