Tombstone Co2 Laser Engraving Machine Technology

Tombstone laser engraving machine is an industry classification of stone engraving machine, in recent years it is a new kind of CNC equipment. The use of carving programming software needs to be carved into the contents of the engraving machine, control software can recognize the graphics format to achieve the effect of automatic engraving. With the development of science and technology, human understanding of the progress of the machine instead of hand is the inevitable trend of social development. Old mason's retirement, young people's pursuit of science and technology, so that tombstone engraving machine came into being. More and more people pay attention to efficiency, pay attention to appearance, pay more attention to health, pollution-free, pollution-free CNC tombstone engraving machine will become the main production tool stone carving industry.

Industry Sectors

Tombstone laser engraving machine can for natural granite, marble, bluestone, crystal stone, microcrystalline stone, all kinds of artificial stone engraving, and glass, murals, village monument, tombstone, milestone, decorative baseboard, copper, iron, aluminum, wood of the lettering, carving.

Tombstone laser engraving machine performance characteristics
1, Taiwan imported linear square rails, double four ball slider, load-bearing capacity, smooth operation, maintaining high accuracy.
2, stainless steel oxidation treatment platform, smooth running, high precision, long life, cutting accuracy.
3, steel welding body, rigid deformation is good, countertops backing steel plate, strong rigidity, good machine load-bearing capacity.
4, software compatibility, and is compatible with a variety of CAD / CAM design software.
5, U disk embedded completely off-line control system, work more convenient and flexible.
6, engraving system with breakpoint continued carving features, can be in the case of power failure or the next day and then processing.