How to Select a Stone CNC Engraving Machine?

1.The stone cnc engraving machine motor performance should be better, because the cnc engraving machine motor is generally not only part of the scope of the warranty, but also belong to the continuous work of accessories, so be sure to choose a good motor, or will affect the normal use of cnc engraving machine.
2.The cnc engraving machine motor speed can be adjusted, under normal circumstances, its speed can be adjusted to zero per minute to three thousand rpm range, if the speed can not be adjusted or adjustable range is small, on the application of engraving machine Restricted, need to choose carefully, because it is different in the carving of different materials need to choose a different processing speed can be.
3.The stone cnc engraving machine itself requires high precision and stability of good performance. Because the general stone machine is a high-power processing and production of the machine, only the result of casting itself to achieve stability requirements.
4.Also pay attention to the choice of stone cnc engraving machine controller. This according to customer needs, you can choose to drive can also choose PCI machine or offline controller.
5.The specific function of cnc engraving machine, according to the size of the power of the motor spindle to divide, and then targeted the operation of different processing technology.