The Importance of Air Compressor to CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Now in the market, we choose the different working gass for cnc plasma cutting machine according to different materials, and the most widely used is air plasma cutting, then the user need to choose the suitable air compressor, then what should we know when choose air compressor? CNC plasma cutting machine adopts the air as the working gas, there also has some requirement:
Usually, if the working air pressure is lower than the required air pressure, imported air flow is less than the requirement value, then the plasma arc spouting speed will be weaken, then can’t generate the high speed, high energy plasma arc, then get the bad cutting edge, can’t cut through, etc.
The main reason of insufficient air from the air compressor is less input air, or the plasma cutting machine air pressure requlators pressure is low, has the oil contamination in the solenoid valve, air path is not smooth, etc. So the user need to choose suitable air compressor according to the cutting requirement, cutting material, cutting thickness and processing time. When the air compressor can’t meet the cutting requirement, we can see the state from the compressor’s output press. And, also need to inspect the input air, check the adjustment of air filtration reducing valve whether is correct or not, gage pressure whether can meet cutting requirement or not, otherwise need to do maintenance for the air filtration reducing valve, ensuring the dry, no oil contamination air.