The Maintenance of Aabeyant CNC Router Engraving Machine

The abeyant cnc router wood engraving machine is easy to be rusting due to the workshop’s humid environment, especially in the summer, this time some parts is easy to be rusting, such as machine bed, spindle, guide rail, such metal parts. With the rusted spindle, during the working, the noice will be louder, also the processing speed and precisioin will be down. Then during the dainly maintenance, how can we prevent cnc router be rusting?

1. Steel parts, such as lead ball screw, quenched steel guide rail, and steel fastener, needs to be cleaning with the cloth or cotton which with butter every several days, other parts, needs to check whether has the weak corrosion, if has, needs to clean with the engine oil.

2. Aluminum, parts, also needs to clean with the butter cloth every several days, also can be painted with varnish, also need to check the corrosion spot.

3. Cooling water tank, had better put some rust romver, not just clean water.