What Matters Should Pay Attenetion When Changing Spindle Bearings?

CNC wood engraving machine as a mechanical processing equipment, in the long years of working, although we do a certain maintenance and maintenance, but a few years later, some of its spare parts also needs to pay attention to maintenance, especially some of the larger parts, such as bearings, guide rail blocks and other accessories must pay attention to the overhaul. Then, when replacing these accessories, what should you pay attention to?

First, prepare the relevant installation tools and measuring tools, such as copper rods, backing plates, thread clamps, vernier calipers, micrometers, etc., test the bearing model, check whether the size of the bearing model can meet the installation requirements; second, make sure not to install Let iron, sand, dust, moisture and other impurities enter the bearing, because these seemingly tiny debris may bring great hidden dangers. After all, the engraving machine belongs to high-precision processing machinery; finally, it can not be forgotten when installing. To test the bearing surface, its main task is to see whether the surface of the bearing is damaged, corrosion and impurities have not entered the bearing. When this happens, it must be handled with the correct treatment method, and also before installation. Careful testing of the surface of the journal, bearing housing bore, and shoulder face, as well as mating surfaces such as bushings, washers, end caps, etc., should also be performed.

When customers change bearings and other accessories, they must pay special attention and strictly follow the above requirements. Do not think that the various components of the CNC engraving machine are simply assembled into one piece. They are all designed by our design engineers and installed by professional assembly personnel. Therefore, if the customer does not understand mechanical knowledge, it is best to ask the factory to do repairing. This can better ensure engraving machine engraving accuracy and effectiveness.