Notice about Water Cooling Vacuum Pump

During working, if you find the water cooling vacuum pump has insufficient suction, pls stop the work immediately and do inspection:
1.Check the water level of tank whether is higher 2/3 position of pump head or not, if less than, needs to inject the water.
2.If the water level is enough high, pls inspect the water in pipe of pump head whether blocked or not.
3.After pump cleaning & water-flooding, must stop up the air inlet, control the air inflow, let enough water flow into the pump, generate enough air.
4.Must clean and change the water of the pump & feed water pipe once half a month, if not use in the short time, pls turn off the water in valve, drain the water in water in pipe, if not use in the long time, must drain the water thoroughly in the water in pipe and pump head, avoiding rust, affecting the using.
5.If not used for a long time, the motor not turning after power on, can use the pipe wrench turn the behind fan blade shaft, loosen the rust spot, let motor turning normally.