Plasma Cutting Machine

UG-1325P CNC Plasma Cutting Drilling Machine for 25-30mm Steel Stainless Steel

Brief introduction:

1300*2500mm Plasma Cutting Drilling Machine
Double Z; cutting Z-axis with THC, drilling Z with fixing device
With 125A Hypertherm plasma power supply
Fang Ling control system
FASTCAM design software
Anti-collision device, infrared positioning
Semi-auto lubrication

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UG-1525P Portable Type Plasma Flame Cutting Machine with 1500*2500mm Working Area

Brief introduction:

Portable type plasma flame cutting machine
Fang Ling control system
STARFIRE THC torch height control system
1500*2500mm effective working area

With 100A China HUAYUAN plasma power supply

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UG-2060P Big 2m*6m CNC Plasma Cutting Drilling Pipe Cutting Machine 200A

Brief introduction: 
Model: UG-2060P
2000*6000mm working area
For flat cutting, pipe cutting and drilling
Diameter 500mm, working length 600mm rotary axis for pipe cutting, circle pipe cut off
FangLing control system( supporting cutting, drilling, auto pipe cutting)

ONTIME THC( torch height controller)
Hypertherm MAXPRO 200 plasma power supply,cutting ability 30-40mm

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UG-1530L 120A CNC Steel Plasma Cutting Machine with STARFIRE Control 1500*3000mm

Brief Introduction: 
Model: UG-1530P,1500*3000mm
Water table structure
Cutting on the front of waterSTARFIRE control system
China YUAHUAN 120A plasma power supply, cutting ability: 20mm

FASTCAM nesting software

STARFIRE control system

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